🔐 #IndustrialRemoteManagement — this is what Michael Walser, CTO of @sematicon, talks about the remote management solution se.MIS™

Check out the insightful #pitch at the German Startup-Cup 🔗
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🎬As part of our #UseCaseAwards, Julia Stumpenhagen from @SvaGmbh and Zoran Duvnjak from @Delphix show an innovative #UseCase on the subject of #TestDataManagement — including a live #Demo of the Delphix Masking Solution!

📣 @b_atish and Markus Specker @Atos_DE, Dirk Haas @die_rente, Thorsten Schröder NOW IT GmbH, Georg Miller @Kenbun_IT, Markus Lemcke @hs_furtwangen & Jörg Sievers @siduna give us exciting #Insights into how #IT can become more #Accessible!

🗓️23 NOV 22 | 🔗
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🔐Securing industrial plants is a complex topic in many companies — this is what @NTTDATA, @fischer_global, @PressBYK, @nozominetworks & @onekey_sec will be discussing abt #Solutions & the greatest #Improvement at the #Insights OT-Security

🗓24 NOV 22 | 🔗
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📣 #DevSecOps does not refer to a technology, but to a #CulturalChange in #SoftwareDevelopment — this is what @Atos_DE, @PRISMA_PLATFORM & @SvaGmbh will be discussing at the GFFT #Insights

🗓16 NOV 22 |🔗
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📣GFFT-Insights: current #solutions to increase resilience in #supplychains

When? 22nd November: 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

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